Can google see private whois information?


There is lots of confusion in the black hat world whether google cans see into private WHOIS data… the fact of the matter is as much as google would like to check who owns what site Google cannot see private whois data… the only people who are able to see private whois data are the ones that you are registered with this is because you are effectively registering the domain through proxy. Because of the rise in PBN’S, which stands for private blog networks people are fearing that google will crack down on these next and they are concerned that the only thing that can give them away is their whois data and this is true google is a official registrar so has the ability to do large scale lookups and compare what websites link to what with whois data but if a website has got private whois data google cannot do this as they do not have a clue who owns that website and never will. If you ask anyone who works for other registrar company’s such as godaddy or snapnames they will tell you that they can only access private whois information of their own clients and cannot lookup private information of other registrar clients…. Google will not be a exception to this no matter how BIG they are.


Private whois maybe a little bit more expensive but if you are running a private blog network I would say it is definitely worth the extra money as it is much better to be safe than sorry especially where seo is concerned. Matt Cutts back in 2005 the person that he is posted on his personal blog (I will not post a link to his blog post as I do not think he deserves a backlink) requested for people to report to ICANN fake whois information which can result in the domain being deleted entirely. Why would Matt Cutts be so concerned about fake whois information? Is google using whois information that it can obtain to link up networks? maybe that’s why private whois is a must for any black hat or anybody (you do not have to be a spammer to own a PRIVATE BLOG NETWORK to have private whois information.