Cheap web hosting scammers


Plenty of people are now using the internet and are starting to create their own website either for personal use or to get their businesses online. But where there is money there are scammers. Good reliable hosting that has good up time (which means how often your website is online without any connection issues) doesn’t come cheap with monthly costs that can soon add up many people maybe tempted to go for the more cheaper alternatives. There are many different places where people can go to find these offers such as forums. But beware many cheap hosts are scammers. For instance many will trick people and offer packages boasting 99.9% up time but the real truth is that the up time will be the other way around and you will be pretty much paying for a headache and your website will hardly ever be online at the end of the day. From personal experience after getting cheap shared hosting such as Tugu host from Indonesia I can tell you its probably easier, faster and more reliable to go for some free hosts like zymic which have better up time and much more faster. Tugu on their sales thread on a  web hosting forum boasted 99.9% and like a fool I went for them after all I didn’t want to spend to much money on a host as I only wanted to create a blog which I would post on every so often so I didnt need a lot. Many of these scammers will ask you to pay upfront for a years worth of hosting (so once they have your money they can refuse a refund), it wasn’t much but I did not get anything back for my money my blog which is very small and does not use up too much space is rarely online (every single time I check my blog it has connection issues or is not even online). I guess I was just simply to naive to think I could get decent hosting for the price that tugu was offering. My point is that you must be careful when picking your hosting… if you are not hosting a business or a website that will get a ton of visitors and doesnt use much space then your best bet would be to actually go for free reliable hosting form a respectable hosting company at least then you know that at the very least your site will be up… With web hosting if the offer is to good to be true nine times out of ten it probably is to good to be true!

It wasn’t too long ago since I wrote this rather quick, haphazard but true review about tuguhost and how you should avoid using it because of how slow it is and the rubbish amount of uptime the host gives you! Now it turns out that tugu just like many other small time cheap hosting company’s has gone….disappeared into thin air. The main tugu host now redirects to a new hosting company call weloveservers that offers similar hosting to what tuguhost did. After checking the whois data and comparing tugu historical whois data to that of weloverservers it looks as though weloveservers has now acquired tuguhost’s domain since 1st of april……a mean April fools joke on all tuguhost customers who have since lost there websites anbd money. We are unsure if weloverservers have no accquired tuguhost the company or just the domain…… but things sure do now look good for tugu hosters at the moment.