Dont bother with meta descriptions google says!


According to a new google video by Matt cutts the person who is head on tackling spam on the google search engines (A bit of a saddo job) if you site auto generates meta description or you use the same meta description for all of your pages it can be bad for seo, instead he says that the best thing to do is leave the meta description alone…. Some webmasters are quite confused and even worried about this new video some saying

“This maybe so for say forum’s when a forum reply may answer a searcher query rather than a auto generated meta tag.. but for eCommerce sites this advice is rubbish…. as your not answering a query and its all about ctr and trying to entice people into clicking your site.. ”

“This is all about google becoming the internet.. ie google wants to scrape exact answer in website meta description so people dont have to even click on the site. EVIL! But its google and a according to a moronic judge with that book ripping case Google is doing a great job… ”

As you can see there really is a lot of distrust now towards google and its “advice”, some feel that the advice google lies to webmasters is more of a way to control the internet and webmasters rather than to help people rank. Meta descriptions have been around nearly as long as the internet so why has google only just decided to tell users not to really bother with their own? What do you think about this latest video by google.. do you agree what Matt has to say or are you with the vast majority of webmasters who feel google are just trying to manipulate and control the internet? comment below and have your say.


  1. This is all just too help there mission of becoming the internet.. so that answer to queries can be auto scraped and added to meta description right away so users dont have to even click a website anymore because what they need is already in the meta description. haha