Earn money online, Get paid to do (gpt) scam websites


With a growing number of poeple online and a touch economic climate where jobs are scarce more and more people are trying to find quick and easy ways to make some money online. Many people looking for ways to make money are fooled into thinking they can easily make some money from GPT website. GPT stands for get paid to do, the idea of these website is that users complete offers which may take the form of survey’s, clicking ads, subscribing to things, watching videos, downloading programs (often full of viruses) and even buying products online to receive points after you have earned so many points you will then be able to use these points that you have earn to then cash out… some website say that they will give you cash through paypal for your points whereas other will say you can buy things from their shop (prizes) with the points. This sounds far to good to be true right? And you would be right, it is far to good to be true as these websites the vast majority of the time will not pay out. In other words you will be spending your time filling out and doing these offers pointlessly and for your account to be terminated at the end (for what ever sorry excuse the admin can think of at the time). Not all users will be banned like this and payment refused after all how can they get more fools to register and slave away if nobody is going to promote their site? Mostly 90% of people using these sites are banned when they request to “cash out” the website will keep all money you made them from doing the offer for themselves (Completed offers are paid for by affiliate advertisers per completion so there really is no excuse these website not paying you when yo want to cash out.. these website just dont want to give you your fair share even when they¬† have already been paid by the advertisers). Even if these website pay you, you are still being used it will take you a long time to fill out and complete the offers by the end of it you would have only made a couple pennies at most. You might as well use your time a lot more productively. My advise to you would be to avoid these manipulative website that target people desperate for cash… Don’t be fooled there are plenty more ways to make money online then working all hours for very little if anything making scammers rich.