Google continues to dominate search


A recent washington post report indicates how google still dominates search with 66.9% of the total internet searches carried out in October by US internet users… that in figures is 12 billion out of 19billion of peoples searches showing just how dominate google is in America and the figures for other countries are pretty strong aswell. However google does not have full power in all countries for example china the second biggest economy in the world and which has the most internet users too, google doe not even rank in the top 3 search providers in china! In russia as well internet users would rather use their homemade yandex search engine too! This goes to show that google can be beaten.

In the same report stst showed that the Microsoft owned search engine bing came second to google which had a share of 18% of the total American searches being made in october.

It has not always been like this in the earlier days of the internet and search we had a lot more choice of search engine such as altavista, askjeeves to name a few, how long can google keep up its dominate grasp on its market share? With all the recent negative press about gogole, social media and how small businesses are now steering away from google to do business the end is surely inevitable google, the end may come soon or in a couple years away as it slowly loses interest from searches and that dominate market share eventually dwindles away.