Google is censoring search results


Google under the cover of penalizing and deinedexing websites from the search results for beingĀ  spam (From spam links pointing to a site which can be created by anyone see negative seo for more info, spam may also be a objective judgement of a website from a manual google reviewer who may disagree with what you have written or created) is a way in which google can censor things that it does not like. Most take the results on google as everything available on the internet when really this is not the case, many websites and pages maybe missing which may help you and be exactly what you are looking for but are not available on google simply because google does not want you to see them. There are many reasons as to why google maybe censoring search results and each are just as devious as the next, from political and religious beliefs that the cult of google does not want you to hear all the way Why? well google after all is at the heart of the internet the gateway to a tool that is now so intermittent with our communications and social lives that controlling what news we see and what media websites are available us to read is very powerful indeed.. Another reason is to just fill the pockets of google by forcing websites from off google in order to push small businesses of the organic listings and into adwords… the more websites that cannot rank highly and cannot compete with the like of googles partners in crime ebay and amazon means more small businesses must then go to buying ads in google shopping and ad’s at the top of the search (even though google has already classified the site as not worthy to show searchers in organic results it is totally fine to show searcher these results if the websites pays!). As you can see Google is evil and is controlling the internet for its own gain making only websites it want viewable…Don’t be evil… dont make me laugh!