Google is exploiting its power


Think big, dream bigger. Don’t be limited to Google for making money online it is not the only source of income instead be heard and get your brand out there and seen as one that everyone wants to be a part of!This is something I try to remember when trying to market my online business, however I cannot hide form the fact that google does control a vast majoirty of the search engine market and search engines are vital for any online business to thrive. I find it rather sickening how Google is becoming the internet and it is even more remarkable that some people if they cannot find a website on Google simply believe that the website has gone.. when it may still exist but has just been rather annoyingly penalized by Google. Google has many rules and guidelines that all webmaster must abide by to be found on Google these rules are always changing in correlation to the greed of the CEO’s at Google who are trying to maximize ad revenue and punish and destroy all competition. Two of the most unreasonable rules webmasters must follow that dont not effect site quality or user experience in the slightest are;

No follow all paid links or else you site will be deemed as being part of a links scheme and your site will be punished and penalized. It is however okay for Google to have dozens of paid ad links that are not no follow on there own search engine. This is obviously a attempt to control the paid link market making only adwords the acceptable online advertisement.

Spammy links. Spammy links that pointing to your site are your responsibility regardless to whether you created the spammy links or not. This means small websites are very susceptible to negative seo and thus penalties meaning more smaller businesses must then go to adwords to be found. Does it mean that a once great site that ranks highly for many years but gets dozens of spam links pointing to it is now considered spammy and not worthwhile to rank highly in Google because all of a sudden it has spam website pointing to it even though the content on the site has not been changed?

Here is a list of more off page factors out of webmasters control that can impact seo

Something that stands out in all of this is the fact that if you dont not abide by the rules you site shall become penalized meaning then the only other option your website has to being found on Google is to buy into adwords!

Google is a huge power on the internet and is the first place people go to when trying to find stuff on the internet however it is obvious that Google is now exploiting its power to monopolize the internet.