Google just too many ads!


Google has added a little label to ads at the top of the search results now but it looks as though google has also at the same time removed the slight box that used to go behind the ads… The ad label is quite¬†prominent however without the box behind it the ads are quite unclear if you dont spot the ads label. It is quite hard to say really if people will have a better time distinguishing ads and organic listings but if you ask me ads still dominate the search results anyway so it makes no real difference for instance in the below picture if you are not listed first or second in the organic search results users¬† will have to scroll down to see you.

See for a picture of the new ads and just look how many ads you have here!

New google ad format
As you can see the new labels help advertise that the listing is a paid ad but you cannot help feeling as though that doesn’t really matter as there are only really ads in sight anyway.

By the looks of that image there is not a single small business in sight yet multiple listings of big websites! Hmmm….