Google launches Controversial Shared Endorsements


Google evil?

Google has now released a new feature in the search results where google will make money out of the comments and reviews you make. Without your permission google will now show your face and your comment recommendations will appear in certain searches (mainly products). So when you make a G+ or write a user review about that product and someone from your circle searches for the same thing you will appear at the top recommending that product. Google will use your picture name and your endorsement in its ads… you who made it wont see any of the money google will receive if someone clicks on that ad.

Google says that they are asking these changes to add a personal touch and to help give searchers more useful information when searching.

Google users do have a option (however difficult to find) opt out of them appearing in these ads but some users believe that google is just using people for their own gain and not everyone will know how to opt out.

Users have however fought back and have replaced there profile picture with that of a photo of one of the owners of google eric schmdits well at least that will put people off clicking a ad anyway!


Do you think it is right that google can do this? Has google gone to far? or have they only just begun?

(Google has a duty towards its shareholders thus profits come before morals so their really is no depth google wont stoop to increasing profits..)



  1. This is quite sickening really, google makes billions each year yet that still isn’t enough… Imagine this situation someone dies because they bought something off the internet and then one of their families searches for something similar and their faces pops up endorsing something that killed them.