Google wants to break peoples spirits


Google has admitted that they wish to break peoples spirits.

In the latest video by Matt cutts he answers a question posed to him in which he answer he wants to break spammers spirits. He talk about how google has been designed to produce a double whammy hit ie a smaller penalty to aggravate the “spammer” and then a full blown penalty to cause further stress and upset to the spammer. He even admitted that to beat the spammers you must play mind games and break there spirits. He argued that the spammers are just after one thing and that is money making it impossible to make money would destroy the incentive to do spam seo. But considering that many non spammer can get effected by google penalties these silly games google are playing with peoples livelihoods is just plain wrong. Google really is showing a lack of empathy and morals to webmasters and small time business just trying to survive.

Given the rise in Negative seo many sites are being penalized even when the website masters are not spamming at all but when someone is trying to get there site penalized on purpose usually a competitor or someone with a grudge. So is it right for google to play mind games on these webmasters who have not been spamming anyway?

On the Black hat world forum blackhats who refer to Matt cutts as Fatt butts, do not seem to be broken at all saying that it just motivates them to spam even harder because they hate him so much. The blackhats also point out that google search results since penguin and panda have significantly gotten a lot worse too.

Google’s stratgy is flawed as the only sites that manage proper white hat seo are the ones that have authotirty in the first place such as amazon and ebay. Making it easier to rank a site in google would be far better than just trying to break people spirits and playing mind games to get them to stop as at the moment people only feel that spamming  is the only real way to rank if you not a huge authority website that can rank for anything and everything without even links.