Google webmasters forum full of trolls

 anatomy of a internet troll!
This is what makes a internet troll

The Google webmasters forum , supposed to be a place where failing webmasters go to seek help from other webmasters to help them better rank in the search results of Google, but the Google webmasters forum is not the best place to seek advice about your website or seo far from it. If you post a question and your website on the Google webmaster forum you will be met by a number of trolls who sadly just post utter rubbish and hurl insults at desperate webmasters. Everyone it seems who has lost their rankings and wants help on the webmasters forum will be called a spammer. Even if the website owners says that they are a victim of negative seo and that is why their rankings have gone down the trolls will say that negative seo doesn’t exist and its spam links you have created that is causing your site to be penalized in Google which is rather a contradiction at best. There are also people who have been complaining that after they posted their site on the webmasters forum that they later got hit by negative seo… not just a few webmasters have reported this but many! If you are looking for seo advice or reasons why your site has been hit by a penalty on google.. the google webmasters forum is not the best place to go, you will not be talking to Google engineers that configure the Google search engine or even Google employees you will only be getting views from other webmasters so what really is the point when their are hundreds of other better seo forum out there?


  1. Tell em about it, my site was hit by probably a panda penalty and all i got on that forum was some real moron calling me a spammer and not actually helping at all! They are just a bunch of saddos who just spend all day on that forum backing up google…… dunno if they work at google or not but wouldn’t surprise me if half the troll their were just google employees being evil! In the end I ended up getting some better advice from another place and half worked it out by myself too… and I didn’t even need to reveal my website and give away my niche