India set to beat the US in internet users

People using the internet is growing in number.
The internet is seeing more and more people from india using it…obviously you are one of those!

India isn’t just a growing economy it has a growing number of internet users as well! In fact a report has estimated that india is set to beat the USA in number of internet users. It is thought that in 8 months indias number of internet users will increase by 18.5%, these estimates would mean India would be second to china with 300 million people online in internet users. The report estimates that by june 2014 india will have around 243million internet users! India internet usage has in the last 3 years been growing at a unbelievable pace already this year internet usage has increased 40% from last year. But initially india was slow at first taking a whole decade to reach 100million internet users from 10 million at the start of the millennium. The rise in internet users is said to because of the advancing technology and that technology is becoming more accessible and more affordable. Moreover mobile internet usage has seen a 2% increase from last year and is playing a huge part in the rise of internet users now and in the future, mobile internet means that all you need is a handset with wifi and not a full blown expensive computer or laptop to browse the internet anymore. Better wifi reaching more remote areas have also made it easier to get online too.

The internet has opened up india to the world of commerce and business allowing us to communicate with other in different countries easily and affordable , not only that we can shop, chat to our friends on social networks and watch movies with just a few clicks!

Currently America has 207 million people online can we beat them? Will the report proove right or has it got its figures wrong?

More and more people are using the internet YET more and more small businesses are losing out and going under at the same time all thanks to huge giants such as google destroying the small guys. Even though india is growing in internet users india needs to develop its own competitive services otherwise, yes we are going to beat America but all our custom will go to America!