Is guestposting good for seo?


Guest posting used to be a chance where webmasters and experts could give their opinion and promote their site on other websites… but thanks to evil google this practice has more or less been destroyed or rather if you are doing it for seo gain and just promoting your site you will be sadly disappointed as you guest posts are manually reviewed and your site penalized. It is kind of harsh and begs the question if you cant create guest posts and pr to your own website what can you do? Many webmaster are up inĀ  arms and very confused as to how to promote their businesses and not get penalized in the serps because of their efforts. According to google any website that is trying to manipulate search engine rankings deserves to be penalized… proving as to whether it was the actual site owner trying to manipulate rankings is another story. Anyway guest posting has been demoted to a nono in the seo world.. it used to be one of the best ways to advertise your site and improve you seo… but not anymore if your caught. The internet police ie google will go around penalizing guest poster who they think are just guest posting to improve rankings a obvious sign is if the guest poster has a do follow link back to their site in the about author section. Guest posting used to be a way to easily gets lots of quick high pr links back to your site but is losing its grip in the seo world thanks to the risk guest posting now carries if your links are deemed not for users but for search engines bots. Should you do guest posting? Only if you write a really good article and the links in your article must be relevant and on topic to what you are talking about. the links should be purposeful and something to help users find out more or something users might find handy when reading your article and not something aimed at just boosting another site in the serps… I tis quite hard to judge a intention of a link but some links are easily seen as just for seo than others make sure if you do write guest posts that your on the right side of the google internet law.