Is negative seo real? If so can negative seo effect your rankings?


Negative seo is very much real thanks to penguin which penalizes websites based upon unnatural links linking to a site. That is one of the reasons why negative seo is becoming a growing problem that can damage your site rankings in search engines loosing you business. Many webmasters and seo’s are in denial that negative seo really exists but the truth is it does exist and can destroy online businesses. Spam has not decreased since the google penguin and panda updates from google.. spam has actually instead been on the increase with churn and burn sites on the rise, (churn and burn websites are websites created for short term ranking using spam technique to rank quickly but the expectation is that these websites will not last long but because these churn and burn websites are so simple to create they are easily replaced.) and negative seo.

Negative seo is when a competitor or even just someone out to spam the world will spam your website link to as many spammy auto approve comment blogs, create thousands of forum profiles and any other low quality and really obvious spam links to your website in a attempt to get your website penalized by the search engines particularly google. As google and other search engines get tougher and tougher on “spammers” negative seo gets far easier and more and more webmasters are instead not creating links to their own websites but are creating tons of spam links to others that rank above them… with those above them penalized it will clear the way for their own website to get to the top! But there is one problem as small websites fight among themselves as one negative seo victim retaliates and negative seo’s all the others, big websites like amazon and ebay still dominate and there unrivaled positions are further boosted as all other competition is destroyed. These big websites can still be effected by negative seo but because google and other search engines put so much authority into these websites it means that it would take a monumental effort to get these websites penalized meaning that the only real victims of negative seo are small websites and businesses.

Google and other websites cannot properly measure a websites relevance and quality without links and people gaming the system by creating links has meant the search engines have had to create these algorithms that penalize website for spammy links, however many webmasters argue that spammy links should be totally ignored due to the fact that anyone can create spammy links to any website and it doesn’t mean that a website should be totally discredited just because spam links point to it.