Is your website up to scratch?



Many website owners settle for a website that looks the best and dont bother with anything else.. but not always the best looking website do the best. If your website uses large and memory consuming graphics your page speed may suffer which is hard hitting for SEO, if you feel that having not much text on your homepage makes your website look better and less cluttered you will have a hard time telling the search engines what your website is about and so you will struggle to rank. Also Sometimes webmasters can get to carried away and create a site that is confusing and hard to navigate because of the “creative” and hidden messages of a website this can surely confuse your users and increase bounce rate. Not always the best and most creative websites thrive on the internet. You must find a good balance between a well structured website that is easy for search engines to rank ie follows seo the rules, and isn’t too obscure that the message of your websites and business is lost in creativity but uniqueness and creativity is important it is just communicating this creativity in your design the right way. Being a unique and creative brand will skyrocket your business and will help easily get your business talked about so dont settle for a boring generic website either… Just make sure when you next create a website that it is easy to understand, easy to navigate has plenty of information and is great! Mobile responsive designs are also a good thing to have, they make your website more accessible to the millions of people who use their mobiles to view the internet each day! Not only that but search engines always like to rank these websites higher in the search results too! Mobile responsive sites need smaller images and should load quite fast.. but smaller images doesn’t mean you cannot be creative far from it! Remember to stand out from the rest you must be the best out there with innovation and creativity that is easily communicated to users.. so basically they get it!