No follow links can hurt your rankings

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Is google run by idiotic morons? Or is there something more sinister going on?

If another google video is to be believed created by Matt cutts the head of the spam team at google, no follow blog comment links can hurt your site rankings. The video centers around people using keyword rich text links as supposed to a normal name in blog comments. This google believes is manipulative and google “reserves the right” to penalize any site doing this. Many webmasters will use blog comments as a way of generating traffic to their website so webmasters are both confused and even angry at this new video, some even believe that google is playing games to destroy any other ways people reach sites apart from google. Webmasters are arguing that because most blog comments are no follow anyway it really shouldn’t matter whether you use keyword rich anchor text or your company name rather than a real name anyway and it is non of googles businesses anyway because no-follow links have no direct impact on search engine rankings…. leading to the speculation that google is just trying to control the internet even further and scare website owner and seo’s that any links will cause link penalties in google (Benefiting huge brands who will no longer will have to compete with small websites creating targetted links all together wether no follow blog comment links or ones that do impact on search engine rankings). It is not google place to dictate the rules and commenting terms of websites… it is up to website owners whether they publish comments with or without keyword rich anchor text or brands as names, if a website has published a comment made by a user that has used such a name the website has allowed the user to be displayed in comment section therefore why should google say that the comment is spam when the website which published it apporved it as not being spam, it is upto the websites to monitor and determine quality of comments as to wether they are spam or not and by monitoring quality of comments keep spammy ones outta there website…. if a comment is accepted why should google say that the comment is spam… and penalize the website for it.

This recent video has just confirmed that negative seo is possible and even with no follow links. All one needs to do now is build tons of no follow keyword rich anchor named blog comments on lots of blogs.. send in a spam report to google see your competition disappear. It really is scarily that simple. Google really is run by morons.

No follow links make no difference to search engine ranking so why should no follow links make sites go down in the search reuslts if they do not make sites go up….