Seo? The basic guide


Seo is a practice many webmasters must do to get visitors to their website. SEO simply stands for search engine optimization whereby you optimize you website both on page and off page to help make it rank high in the search engines! Better visibility (ie high in the search engines) equals more visitors and everybody wants that now do we?In this easy and concise guide to seo we will be disclosing the best seo tactics to getting your site ranking and the basics to seo.

On page seo is all about your website. Search engines only want to rank the very best and most credible of websites that offer the best user experince. So there are quite a few things you must remember to help make your site the one that search engines want on their search results (SERP’S). Here is a handy table that will tell you all the different onpage things that you must know! If you still confused after reading our tables check out this blog post on jmx which explains on page seo and this one that explains off page seo.

Panda Panda is the name given to the google algo that looks at on page factors. You will find everything panda looks for in this table.
Keyword density Keyword density plays a important part in on page seo. Firstly keyword density is what helps tell the search engines what you web page is about. The more prominent a keyword is on a web page tells search engines that it is that keyword that is being focused on. However too higher keyword density is bad as it is unnatural or worse unreadable for humans and makes it seem that the web page may not be designed for users but as a way of gaming the search engines to rank the web page higher in the search results. Unnatural keyword density is usually anything above 5%… The best practice to get the right keyword density is too write as you would naturally and not to try to artificially place keywords all over you articles as this would make the article read poorly and your quality of content would suffer.
Site speed Site speed is very important as nobody wants to land on a slow loading page, search engines recognize that slow loading sites equals poor user experience and thus poor search results. Site loading speed is crucial. To improve you site speed for seo make sure if you are using a dynamic php based website that you enable browser caching, keep the code clean and fast, make sure you do not overload your website with pointless images and animations that may slow down your website also make sure you have good hosting that can handle everything it needs to quickly and smoothly.
Mobile responsive? Search engines know that more and more internet users are using mobiles to browse the internet more than ever before. So why should search engine sonly display search results of website that only work with desktop computers? Mobile responsive websites are websites that can change shape and size according to screen size and are also optimized to be fast when browsing on a mobile phone. Mobile responsive design is a must!
Duplicate content Do you use content found elsewhere on the internet? This can be one of the biggest reasons why you site isn’t not doing as good as it should. Put quite simply if you website uses duplicate content found somewhere else your site can be penalized by the search engines. Sometime webmasters must change websites for what ever reason.. if this is the case and you are wanting to reuse the content again on your new website to avoid duplicate content issues the best thing to do is to 301 redirect web pages from the old website to the new homes of your content on your new website this basically tells search engines that you’ve moved and not that your stealing other peoples content! It also isn’t enough not to copy content from other websites if your site repeats itself again and again this can also result in penalization even if you are using your own content this is because search engines don’t want repeated pages on their search engines. You should really aim for every page on your website to offer something new and unique and have value.
No search results or archive pages to be indexed This is similar to not having repeating content on your website. Search engines such as google have made it against their search guidelines for websites to get search results, archive or category pages from webpages indexed. Search engines view archive pages, category and search pages as low value pages that shouldn’t be on the search results. Search engines like google sya that webmaster should apply no index rules in their robot.txt to let search engines know not to index such pages. Webmasters have been penalized by search engines for having these kinds of pages indexed automatically by the search engines. (You could be right in arguing that it isnt the webmasters fault at all that these webpages are being put on the search results but the search engines themselves for not creating good enough indexers to be able to automatically filter out these pages)
Malware Having malware on your website is a easy way to getting your website deindexed in search engines. Search engines don’t want to be giving results that will end up giving their users viruses. Some webmasters may not even realize that their website is distributing malware, some websites can be hacked via mysql injections or bad plugins or themes. Make sure you only upload safe files and scripts to your web host to avoid this problem
Above the fold ads If you website is displaying ads that are abov the fold or too many ads then this can be quite bad for seo. Search engines view this as a website is only out for making money and therefore the content must be superficial and commercial rather than something of quality. It is a bit rich though that search engine slike google target website that display too many ads or ads above the fold especially when the search results of google are full of these same issues.
Paid links Google wishes to stop all gaming of their search engines results, one way webmasters (particularly blackhats) will try to rank higher is to buy links form other high pr websites. Buying links on high pr webpages can be detected automatically by algos if the website that is being linked to is irrelevant, Google and other search engines though mainly rely on manual detection to pick up on paid links as only by human review can you really judge whether a link might be paid for or not. Hacked links can also fall under this category whereby website that have been hacked will start showing links from a link network often these links will be found in odd places, in the footer or totally invisible. Google and other search engines advise that you no follow (so search engines dont follow or consider the link in ranking factors) any paid links on your website.
Black hat technique Blackhat seo technique for example meta refreshes, spun gibberish content, hidden text or even showing search engines bots something different to what real user see is something that search engines try to find and deindex from their search engines. Since panda getting away with these spammy seo technique is getting harder and harder.
Thin content A small website or a 1 page website is not a sign of authority and thus search engines try to not rank these sites very highly. Often 1 webpage websites tend to be websites that have not had a lot of effort put into them or are just affiliate landing pages trying to sell people things.

Now here is another handy table which will tell you all the off page stuff you should know!

Off page
Penguin Google penguin is the update by google to analyze backlinks pointing to a website. Backlinks from one wbesite to another is considered as a kind of vote.. The more good and natural links pointing to your site will in theory show that your website is so good that people like it so much that they link and share it with others.
Anchor text diversity If you are getting links that all contain the same anchor text then something isnt right and this starts looking unnatural and as though someone is trying to target that particular anchor text. You should make sure that your link profile contain a diverse range of links all with different anchor text.
Low quality links Low quality links can really hurt your ranking if your website has to many of them. What determines a low quality link actually links back to panda if the linking page is determined to be spammy or of low value (duplicate content) then this can come under a low quality link.
Spam links I have included this in its own section because I feel as though it spam links vary a little from low quality links. Spam links for example blog comment or forum profile links maynot come from low quality pages (most likely they do) but because they are designed only to improve seo then this is against search engines guidelines..
Paid links Buying links to increase page rank or to game the search engines is going to get you penalized or worse dinedexed in the search engines. Buying links is a bit like rigging a election (that how search engines view it as Yes search engines are OTT).
Blog networks Blog networks are bad.. why because search engines say they are so they must be… Well the truth is that search engines dont like blog networks because they are the easiest and most effective way of ranking. Blog networks can be detected by algos such as penguin if there is a strong unnatural interlinking between websites.. link wheels… or something similar.
Link exchanges Reciprocal links where you ask one person to link to you if you link back to them is considered as a form of paid linking.. to many reciprocal links can become quite obvious and easily picked up and penalized by the search engines.