Sheffield seo expert…How to recover from a penalty?


The seo expert from Sheffield is back! Here is what He has to say.

In Sheffield I often get clients coming to me with small website that have been hit (penalized) by google for spammy unnatural links, these guys aren’t even targeting high competitive keyword the businesses and websites based in Sheffield and just want customers from Sheffield only and not from across the world so they need targeted keywords primarily with Sheffield in them. One of the top reasons why these guys websites have been penalized consists of:

Hired a seo company that did not do seo correctly and instead of doing a long term seo strategy to get the website to stick they decided to use spammy links to quickly rank the website.. but later down the line the websites gets hit by penguin or a manual spam action is taken on them.

The business owner being a businesses owner did seo on their own and because he or she had a business to run opted for the quickest way to rank, without patience they blasted there website with spammy links causing a penalty.

Negative seo this is when someone else spams your website link everywhere in the hope that google will think its you and penalizes your site for it.. this type of thing is on the rise so be careful and always monitor your backlinks and then you will need to quickly disavow these links.

If you have been hit by a manual spam action (which you can see if you have or not in the webmasters dashboard) you can file for a reconsideration request.

Disavowing links is a good way to help ease your situation if you have been effected by a penalty by google, by checking what links you have been penalized for and submitting them in a disavow file to google you are in effect telling google what links you want to be discounted by the search engines when judging where in the search results to rank your site (kind of like nofollowing the links).

Removing links is another way and if for example you have been hit by manual spam action it is essential to remove and try to remove some spam links and keep a record as google can choose to ignore your reconsideration request to take away the manual spam action if for example google suspects that you have made no attempt to help clean up you link spam.

Sometimes though if your site has been really badly effected by a penalty whether it was your fault or not sometimes it is best to start a new fresh website with brand new content and a fresh link profile as there really is no guarantee no matter how many months you spend removing spammy links pointing to your site or disavowing them that your website will recover. Starting again I feel is one of the best ways to recover from these evil penalties.. and something I recommend to all of my new clients that have previously been penalized by google in Sheffield too.