Should you buy a .us domain?


Should you buy a .US domain? Truth be told buying a us domain even if you are a US citizen is more bother than its worth. Why? Well US domains are only for us citizens or those with substantial business presence in the US if you are not a US citizen and register a .us domain for what ever reason (many people now register these kind of tldm to create words and phrases out of their website name even neustar who own the .us domain franchise use to explain what it is all about). Because neustar wants only US citizens and quite frankly because they are nasty and want to circulate more sales of the us domain by making more available they do spot checks to check to check whether those with a .us domain are actually from the us this will then hopefully free up a few good domains which they can sell again if they catch out anyone or anyone fails to reply within a couple days. People who are form the US have had their domain deleted for not proving that they are form the us simply because they failed to see the email in their inbox and reply. If you domain gets deleted it become freely available for other to register you do not get a refund for your domain getting deleted and neustar gets more money. The whole bother of constantly checking your inbox to make sure you do not get ones of these emails is rather a pain… even if you are from the united states.

What about if you are not from the UNITED STATES? If you are not a us citizen and want to register a .us domain theĀ  I would advise against it, in the past non us citizens have paid huge amounts of money with one auction for at $75 000 only for it to be deleted and taken away from the auction winner without refund and then the same domain was found on auction again a few months later hitting $18 500 to another person outside the us the domain was again deleted and the winner of the auction was found out of pocket… no warning was given prior to the purchase that this maybe the case (part of the scam).

Another reason why the .us domains are really not worth buying is that if you are a us company looking for better search engines rankings paying a little bit extra for the .us domain rather than a .com one will not give you any better luck when it comes to the search engines as the search engines do not put weight on this when ranking sites just like they dont with emd’s. Constantly watching your back with the prospect of loosing your domain no extra benefits of having one rather than a different domain means it much better to get a .com one or something else!