Something must be done to stop google


Is it right for google to penalize website that spam links? The online world has been for quite sometime a epicenter of business and is the fastest way to communicate and to buy things. However google and other internet giants have a huge grip on the internet. Google for example has now the power to be the internet and to censor any website that does not abide by its rules for example google recently penalized and totally annihilated on Christmas day (Google =scrooges) from its search engines causing this once huge lyrics website to disappear overnight from the internet…Is this really right for one business to have the power to effectively destroying a good website that has done nothing illegal only something goolge thinks should be punished for.

The online world needs to wake up and find new ways to find information form the internet as google main aim is to essentially become the internet and google is already trying to do this by scraping and publishing exact answers to queries on the results page meaning users will not have to click off google whatsoever to find answers.┬áIf google accomplishes all of its aims there will only be one website and that will be google….. advertisers will also suffer as they have to abandon there websites and resort to a google properties to advertise this may very well be the case in years to come once google has full control and would mean nobody will be able to run a business online without filling the pockets of the rich and quite frankly evil nerd who run this monster cooperation (with have no morals).

Already google has been making connections outside the internet for example google has been investing in new automatic car technology and other such things but do we really want this monster outside of the internet dominating and showing the same level of capitalist evil that it is showing online?