Web design and speed helps seo


Having the right design that is fast and responsive is something all businesses should make sure their website is. Website that are slow and are only available to those on a desktop can limit you to only desktop users when more and more people are using mobiles to surf the web nowadays! The search engines also know this too so that is why you need to make sure for seo reasons that your site is structured right and because mobiles cannot handle as much resource as desktop computer can (yet) you will need to limit the image sizes and loading speed… A great example of a responsive design a website that is super quick is this Sheffield webdesign website called jmx solutions, It has it all, from a responsive design to quick loading of pages, try and re-size your browser window and you will see that the website adapts to the changing size (even the images re size accordingly) and fits much better, this web design company has also got site speed spot on as well making their site so fast you are not waiting at all for it to load when you click something. After looking at the sites source code and style sheet it is seen that all this is done through clever css and design, only using what is needed and making use of responsive css to re-size elements is easy and makes website so much quicker. Search engines want more and more websites to be like this as it improve their search engines results if searchers are able to click a search result and are able to view the website fully without any limitations regardless of what device they are using to view it… having a super quick website means no¬† waiting which further enhances the search results too as no one like waiting around for answers! When the search engines are happy like this it means your site will happily sit at the top of the results for all to see (well that is as long as your off page is just as good as your on page design).