What content management system should I use for my website? Not Joomla!


What content management system should I use for my website? Not Joomla as it is the worst possible content management system around!

Joomla has to be by far the worst content management system (cms) around. With a unfriendly user interface, very rigid and un dynamic set up making it a real pain in the neck to set up any really well functioning website from scratch, bugs and very dodgy security makes Joomla the content management system to avoid full stop. First off Joomla is not very noob friendly or even developed friendly for that matter. Making changes to a joomla website requires a lot of work and know how and even then you may not get exactly what you are looking for. You cannot simply edit Joomla templates freely without running into a whole hsot of other error. Joomla also is really seo unfriendly and if use use Joomla do not expect you website to rank very far up because of the way Joomla works it takes a monumental effort just to get the url structure seo friendly and after that you must then try to work out a way to then get you actual website more seo friendly as Joomla by default arranges your content in such a away and repeat your content so much that it become excessive and really bad for seo. This content management system is very resource heavy aswell meaning you will need a very fast server to run your site if you want your website to run fast and not slow.

But most importantly Joomla is easily hacked and has huge holes in the security that are quite well known and exploited. The vast majority of sites that are hacked and part of the SAPE hacked website network are Joomla websites. Because of how poorly coded this content management system really is. This cms is best avoided at all costs with little picking for templates and designs, buggy, slow and very easily hacked Joomla is just a waste of time.

Try a quicker and much better alternative like wordpress or even drupal.



  1. Joomla is a security nightmare and really is a piece of rubbish. Also if you got to the joomla forums the admin there are scammers and weirdos, do not be fooled on what they try and sell in their spammy signature links or you will be scammed.