Why spam is needed!


Is spam really that bad? There has been a rise in the level of scrutiny “spam” get on the internet? But is it really that bad, yes automated spam does clog up you inbox’s or if you run a blog your comment lists but mostly now you can easily block spam so that you never have to ever see it, but people are complaining more than ever about spam and not by automated means but people simply trying to make a living by advertising about there website on others.. Time and time again I see on forums people moaning and groaning if some one simply posts a link on a website… as it seems posting a link on the internet immediately implies you are owning the website you are linking to if it is not one of the super giant website. Are people really that petty now that they feel a need to jump in and complain when someone posts a link? I think they are! Spam links have been particularly been picked out as the worse thing you cna now do on the internet thanks to seo and google….Google has been penalizing website that have to many spam links either on them or pointing to them meaning webmasters have now created a culture that has passed onto the rest of the internet world that spam links are the worse crime you can possibly do on the internet. Internet marketing is a big sector in India and is suffering thanks to the stigma many internet marketers now get if found advertising or even just looking to advertise.. It is now illegal for small business to promote their website online. Online spam or rather promotion of websites is needed for the internet in order to keep our freedom of speech and stopping the BIG INTERNET GIANTS from ruling on the internet. So remember this next time you see someone posting a link dont insult them or if your a moderator on a forum simply ban them ask yourself why they are posting that link and maybe help them out.