Yahoo auctioning off premium domains

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Yahoo is going to be auctioning off some of it premium domains it owns! Some are set to cost millions at auction!

According to reports yahoo is going to leap into the premium domain selling game by selling domains it has “stumbled across” such as and other sought after domains. Many of these domains are nouns amongst some odd domain names as well. But are premium domains really worth it? Not really for example may be something cool to tell your friends you have but it isn’t really a brand at all. More to the point like so many of premium domains dont have that many backlinks or history connected to it meaning search engines will just rank it like a normal website that you paid a huge premium for! Sandwich also isnt a brand name and you wont be able to trademark that word either. Premium domains aren’t worth the money you pay for them. Yahoo will be selling¬† a list of these premium domains on sedo with more yet to come… prices for some of the domains are set to hit the millions…. Ridiculous if you ask me, Return on investment will not be very good at all, I would be surprised if people buying these domains will see any of the money back they paid for them…. (Domains if not already registered by someone else can be freely registered for a small fee at a registrar, If one of these million dollar domains expired for whatever reason anyone would be able to re-register the domain for as little as ¬£5).

Some of the domains up for auction are:,,,, and!