Yahoo’s new email “Recent” feature is rubbish says users

Yahoo knows best...
Yahoo are upsetting users by taking away there tabs and introducing a new “recent” feature in it’s place.

Apparently users dont know what they want and the CEO’S do.. well that is how it seems as yahoo announces a unpopular new feature to take a place of the popular tabs feature that many users liked!

Yahoo have recently introduced a new “recent” feature to there inbox. Users dont like it one bit apparently. Yahoo recently this year scrapped a feature that many users liked the tab feature which let users easily open new tabs and navigate through there emails easily without loosing emails that users might want to save to read later. Yahoo has added this new “Recent” feature so that users can quickly go back to things that they have recently opened but users want their good old tabs back and I dont blame them!

Yahoo have changed there emailing system to try and win back some of the lost email service providing market share that they have lost over the users by getting new users to join by “improving it” but these new changes are just making their users angry and creating more bad publicity than good.

Yahoo are yet to comment whether they will be keeping with this new feature or bringing back the old tabs, it would be wise for one of these internet giants to actually listen to users for once it seems that big giants like yahoo(owned by Microsoft), google and others seem to think that it is okay to force changes and (forcing) expect users to adapt to the changes despite how many users are against it. This recent change however minor has prompted yahoo email users to vent there annoyance with yahoo on social networks! Will yahoo listen who knows? But it would be good publicity for yahoo to show that they do listen to what users want!