Youtube users want old comments section back


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90 000 and rising youtube users are signing a petition to make google undue the recent changes to the youtube comment section! users want google to restore it to how it once was!

The controversial recent changes made in September have made it so that youtube comments are now powered by google+. This means that you will need google + to comment on youtube videos, but this means that anyone who is following (In you “circle”) you on google+ will now know what videos you are commenting on.

Users are considered that this destroys anonymity on the internet!

A petition has been set up on the website to try and force google to revert the changes and alread 90 00 people have signed the petition. People signing petition are also leaving comments and many are saying that there accounts google are being suspended for telling others about the petition which just shows how truly arrogant google and how they believe that anything they say goes and nobody else is allowed a opinion whatsoever.

The reason why google has changed the comments system to be powered by google+ is simple.. to FORCE people to join google+. However it is evident by the number of petition signers that the public dont like being forced to do anything especially not to join rubbish google+.

With the recent NSA scandal and a growing distrust from the public that google does not respect people privacy it is only a matter of time until people use something else… Youtube used to be the only decent and good google product that people didnt think was a spy tool but now people are thinking differently about youtube.

With all this negative press about google recently is it time to search and use something other than google? It is quite clear that google does not respect its users…What do you think?