IBM watson?

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Watson has been designed to answer questions that no other computer could!

The IBM Watson cognitive platform is a super computer that is apparently the most intelligent computer in the world. The Watson super computer has been designed so that the computer can read and interpret data from natural language, looking at meaning. The Watson super computer first became famous in 2011 when a televised game of jeopardy showed just how powerful Watson was. On the show Watson was up against other opponents who where human and Watson beat them all answering the question far quicker and better then any of the human players. In preparation for the show Watson was given encyclopedic information with which it used to work out the answers to the jeopardy questions.

Watson was not able to answer all the answer correctly though, when the questions were ambiguous or had little clues Watson struggled to properly interpret what the question was asking thus could not find the right answer.

Over 100 different techniques help the Watson super computer analyze, interpret data generates it hypothesis of what the hypothesis actually are most likely to mean and select the best and most fitting data.

Watson can be compared to many online search engines like google and bing of how it can find answers according to peoples queries but the only difference is what IBM can do is a lot more advance and can actually read between the lines using cognitive analysis giving the user exactly what they are looking for rather then something that could answer their question.


Watson is a life saver?

Watson has been incorporated into the medical world helping doctors and nurses quickly find medical information and diagnosis, It has been revealed that 90% of nurses who have access to Watson use its information to treat patients. However some people are critical on the use of Watson in the medical industry saying that relying on a computer to make informed decisions that could mean life and death is dangerous and foolish and that doctors and nurses should not rely solely on the information provided by Watson.


Watson is not artificial intelligence as it does not think for itself, it can only analyses data using mathematics… if watson comes across something new it will be useless.