Samsung now the worldwide top handset seller!

Number 1 mobile phone choice!
Samsung is the world number 1 choice of mobile phone currently with a dominant market share of 28%

It has been announced by market researchers that Samsung now is the most bought handset around. Samsung (A south Korean company) now dominates the mobile industry selling more handsets than any of there competitors. In q3 samsung have sold more than 120 million handsets worldwide pushing them in the lead. This means that Samsung has 28% of the total mobile market share.  Samsung has the majority of sales in 6 continents including; America, Europe, Africa, and latin America.

Samsung success maybe down to the fact that they sell mobile phones that are affordable priced for people living in poorer countries too making them the number 1 choice across the world market researchers argue.

The mobile industry has came along way in the past 10 years, developing mobiles that are now faster than computers used to be a couple years before. But to stay in the lead a company needs to think differently and give what consumers want at a affordable price. Will Samsung get complacent and like all big monopolies with a commitment to their shareholder put profits before quality…

But has the growth of the mobile industry been slower than we think? One could argue that with such limited choice and only a few dominate company’s ruling over the mobile phone industry consumers have limited choice as one company copies the next and innovation is non existent and development and new ideas for new products becomes uninspired and stagnant.

Just how long can Samsung hold there grasp on this dominant market share before someone else with a different idea comes along?  For instance wearable tech like the google glass is soon to hit the market but critics says that wearable tech products like google glass are too much of a gimmick and a silly idea to be able to the main stream saying that consumers would feel silly (and would look silly) talking into a goofy google glass headset… I think that google glass was a uninspired attempt by google to create something new but in my eyes a failure before it even launched. oh well there are always other ideas!