Scientists create lightsaber


Soon everybody can be a jedi… well with a light saber at least as scientists get close and closer to unlocking the secrets that will hopefully one day help go towards science creating light sabers and as well of other useful devices and technology too. Harvard scientist have been able to create their own matter with only light, this has proved a huge discovery and will totally change the way scientists think of light and photons that make up light. What scientists have created is something that acts just like a light saber does! What the Harvard scientist have successfully done is create matter by bonding together photons which create molecules with mass. How did they do it… simpleĀ  a vacuum, some rubidium atoms cooled to near absolute zero creating a cloud.. two photons were then passed through this cloud to see the effects, scientist were not prepared to what they were next about to see as when the photons emerged from the cloud on the other side they where merged together creating a molecule. The new discovers will not just help with creating light sabers but will also prove useful in the computing world with the hope that these new insights will help make computing a lot lot faster and more efficient too.

What the Harvard scientist have achieved is something that has been talked about theoretically for a long time but it has only been now that it has been proved possibly.

The Harvard scientists added that “usually photons do not have any mass and also do not interact with each other, but what we have achieved was creating a environment where photons start acting as though they do have mass and even start interacting with each other just like other molecules do by even bonding together like we observed”